How did Kelly Clarkson American Idol lose weight?

Kelly Clarkson the American Idol singer lost almost 40 pounds or more but the best thing about her is that she was on a journey to get healthy. I can relate to her journey, because I am the mother of a son who has an auto immune disease, same as Kelly Clarkson according to the Good Housekeeping article. She was able to obtain a healthier body by switching up the foods that she ate. She followed Dr. Gundry’s eating plan as laid out in the Plant Paradox book. Pick up your copy today of this new lifestyle change, and you will see all of your illnesses reverse. You are probably wondering is this a hoax? Just another scam. Just another diet fad. But seriously it’s not. Dr. Gundry is a heart surgeon that went from healing people when they needed surgery, to helping people get healthy and avoid heart surgery all together. Quiet as it is kept, the foods that we eat have so many things wrong with in here in the US that we as Americans have a lot to be concerned about. As a mother, my life was shaken when my son developed an autoimmune disease in his colon when he was just 12.

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