The healthy school bus! This is a site that it is promoting and advocating for the health of everyone. We are influenced to work on our health because of the possibilities of receiving healing, restoration, and repairing our bodies back to its natural given functionality. Join us in repairing your health and body one person at a time. Get on the healthy school bus! As parents of a son with an auto immune disease, we promote healthy foods and lifestyle and Balance. One of the programs that we have recently started is called the plant paradox by Dr. Gundry MD. Purchase his book on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble’s. The plant paradox is a program designed to repair and restore our bodies back to help. Take the pledge today to join us on the plant paradox program to bring back restoration and health. I am trying to get as many people as possible to pledge to doing the plant paradox program with us to encourage my son who is very hardheaded to start eating healthy. Take the pledge today and join us and eating healthy on the plant paradox program.